Newsletter of Sept 29, 2021

Malaysia and Sri Lanka pledge to become carbon neutral as early as 2050

By both pledging to become carbon neutral in 2050, Malaysia and Sri Lanka would stop the construction of new coal-fired power plants. With COP26 approaching, several countries dumped coal power plants this year to become carbon neutral. Read More

Switzerland refuses to increase tax from capital revenue

As Switzerland approved same-sex marriage, the Swiss also largely rejected a vague draft bill to tax rich people. Read more

Berliners want to expropriate large real estate groups

On September 26, Germany voted for their new parliament and local representatives. But Berliners also expressed their opinion in a referendum where 56% voted in favor of expropriating large real estate companies. Read More

North Korea launches missiles again

On September 28, North Korea launched a short-range missile into the sea off the east coast, the fourth weapon fired by the country in September. At the United Nations, a North Korean diplomat decried U.S.’s “hostile policy” against its country. Last week, the South Korean president called for an official end of the Korean war with a peace treaty. The sister of the North Korea’s leader had asked Seoul to stop its “hostile policy”. Nevertheless, she later expressed desire to recover inter-Korean relations, but warned South Korea “had better stop spouting an imprudent remark of ‘provocation’ against” them. South Korea carefully didn’t call Tuesday’s missile launch a provocation.


In the Helmand province, in the south of Afghanistan, talibans ordered barbers not to shave beards.

In Belgium, the minister-president of the Flemish region said he was ready to offer help via loan or by guaranteeing a loan to Wallonia for reconstructing the region after the recent flooding. It surprised Wallonia, which is still expecting help from the federal government.

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