Newsletter of June 25, 2021

El Salvador Offers $30 In Bitcoin

As El Salvador is the first country to make Bitcoin a legal currency, each Salvadoran will be able to download a digital wallet with $30-worth of Bitcoin on it. Read More

Dutch Women Will Earn 46% Less Because of Childbirth

In the Netherlands, a mother loses almost half her income compared to a woman who doesn’t have child. In a country with widespread part-time work culture, which once improved gender equality, mothers working fewer hours after childbirth is the main driver of this child penalty. Read More

Singapore Bans a Book Influencing the Radicalization of a Man

Singapore banned a book leading a 22-year-old man to be radicalized and plan a terrorist attack. He was part of the Singaporean military. Read More

Romania Has the Cheapest Food in the EU

For the Prime Minister of Romania, Eurostat data fight the fake news about an “explosion” of prices. The study reveals where life is the most expensive and the cheapest in Europe. Read More

Latin American Household Incomes Suffered the Most During the Pandemic

Thanks to public money, household incomes increased 7.4% worldwide, contrasting with what happens in the wider economy. Read More

Argentina Avoids Default for Now

Argentina announced it would pay $430 million US of the $2.4 billion it owes to the Paris Club within the next 8 months. The country avoids defaulting payment, for now. Read More

Mouse Plague Forces Prison Transfers in Australia

The invasion of rodents has hit Australia hard for several months now. The situation may last for another year and brings environmental concerns. Read More

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