Newsletter of November 16, 2021

Today’s newsletter covers internships of seniors in Italy, Miss South Africa’s participation at Miss Universe, the French flag and Malaysian citizenship.

The Intern movie
The Intern movie in 2015 with Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway | © All rights reserved

Always more interns aged 55+ in Italy

In Italy, the number of internships after a curriculum doubled in less than 10 years. Usually underpaid, these internships increased more among the 55+ age category in the past years than any other age groups.

South Africa withdraws its support to her Miss at Miss Universe 2021

South African officials want a boycott of the Miss Universe beauty contest held in Israel, qualifying the country as “guilty of the apartheid treatment of Palestinians“. In 1976, nine countries boycotted Miss World because of the apartheid in South Africa. Miss South Africa wants to go.

Also elsewhere in the world…

France changed a color of its flag

In 2020, France changed the blue of its national flag. Since the 70s, French national colors displayed a blue similar to the European Union flag for esthetics reasons. But French President Emmanuel Macron reverted it to its original color from 1793 as a symbol of the French revolution. With no official communication, the change is only an “incitation” but not an “instructionaccording to Europe 1.

Malaysian government reluctant to change a discriminatory citizenship status

Last September, a Malaysian Court ruled out that children born overseas from Malaysian mothers were eligible to gain Malaysian citizenship. It used to be only granted to children born from Malaysian fathers. The children are therefore be considered as a foreigner, having to pay hospital fees without having access to the Malaysian healthcare protection systems for instance.

Facing a lawsuit, the government has been trying to slow things down from the start. It recently applied to suspend the Court decision pleading the need to amend the Federal Constitution. But on November 15, the High Court dismissed the appeal, finding the government’s positions as “contradictory” since there is no need to amend the Constitution.

Since 2013, more than 97% of the 6,500 citizenship applications for children of Malaysian mothers remained to be processed.

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