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Newsletter of March 3, 2022

Today’s newsletter covers space junk, a shot at a Chilean reporter, foie gras import, fathers in Vatican, and more.

Space junk will hit the Moon and create a crater

Space junk will hit the Moon on Friday and create a crater 10 to 20 meters (33 feet to 66 feet) large. But no one except a handful of fans cares about debris left by humans that far in outer space.

Tense moment with a TV Chilean reporter in Kiev

A shot towards a Chilean reporter reporting in Kiev was heard during a live TV program on Wednesday. He later explained Ukrainian military had become nervous with people carrying mobile phones and pretending to be journalists.

Swiss lower house approved a ban on foie gras imports

After several unsuccessful attempts, Switzerland will probably ban the import of foie gras. The production in the country has been banned for over 40 years.

Vatican dads will get paternity leave

Pope Francis announced fathers in the Vatican will receive paternity leave.

South Africa releases a plan limiting employment of foreign workers

South Africa released a framework that would set quotas on the number of foreign workers. The country is struggling with extremely high unemployment rates and a xenophobic trend blaming migrants.

Could a sex trafficking victim argue immunity in court for a homicide?

A 17-year-old girl killed a man who had been selling her as a prostitute. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin needs to decide whether she can argue immunity in court because she was a sex trafficking victim.

Niger President freed several Boko Haram fighters

The president of Niger acknowledged he had released several “terrorists”, including Boko Haram fighters, in order to restore peace in the country.

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