World news digest

World news digest: February 2, 2022

Some news around the world, in short:

  • Ahead of Beijing Winter Olympics, China’s capital recorded its cleanest air in almost 10 years.
  • Czech Police found out that a confidential note sent to the president explaining Russia’s responsibility in Vrbětice explosions had been shredded. The President office denies any wrongdoings.
  • Latvia introduced a nationwide deposit system for bottles to improve waste management
  • Germany forbids Russia Today, a Russian television highly criticized for distorting news in favor of Moscow, to be aired in the country.
  • Indonesia changed the uniforms of security guard, a division of security enforcement, so that they no longer look like Police officers.
  • A study shows that plants in the United Kingdom flower a month earlier because of recent warming compared to observations made before 1986.
  • The World Meteorological Organization has established two new world records related to lighting bolt: The longest single flash with a horizontal distance of 768km that spread over the states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas in April 2020. And the greatest duration for a single lightning flash with 17.10 seconds during a thunderstorm over Uruguay and Northern Argentina in June 2020.

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