Newsletter of January 13, 2022

Today’s newsletter covers Argentina’s WFH order, old fossils in Ethiopia, Chile’s Water Code, sexual abuse in Portugal, and more.

Church in Portugal
The Commission for the study of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church collected and validated about 50 testimonies on its first day | Illustration, Lisbon Cathedral © Adrian Sava

Argentine administration asked to work from home for a day and a half

The decree aims at saving energy. Argentina suffers from a heat wave increasing energy demand. It resulted in a power outage in Buenos Aires last Tuesday.

Modern Human fossils in Ethiopia 33,000 years older than thought

The oldest proof of Homo Sapiens presence in Eastern Africa is older than previously thought. Fossils date back earlier than a volcanic eruption 233,000 years ago.

Chilean lawmakers approve a decade-old reform on water code

Chile has voted a reform of the Water Code initiated 11 years ago. Water will be considered as a national asset for public use. Water access in Chile is mainly owned by private monopolies trading their perpetual rights on water. But the legislation will not solve all of Chile’s water management issues.

Portuguese commission on Church sexual abuse cases receives plenty of calls on the 1st day

A commission in Portugal will study sexual abuses in the Catholic Church between 1950 and today. The telephone line opened to receive testimonies was “almost always full” during its first day. In 2019, several bishops refused to open a commission for “an issue that does not exist“.

Tree planting in Negev desert creates discord in Israel’s coalition

Arab Bedouins protest against a tree-planting program in the Negev desert. It threatens Naftali Bennett’s thin majority to govern the country.

Spain now also considers the well-being of pets during a divorce

In Spain, pets are now considered as living beings endowed with sensitivity. During a divorce, the animal well-being will be considered to define who gets the custody.

France and Spain arrest traffickers using helicopters to transport drugs

They flew from Morocco to Andalusia before loading the drug on cars or trucks.

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