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Newsletter of February 24, 2022

Today’s newsletter covers beekeepers in California, trial of ex-president in Peru, controversial dam in Ethiopia, and more.

When beekeepers try to prevent their hives from being stolen in California

In the past few weeks, more than a thousand beehives have been stolen in California. Some American beekeepers install GPS trackers and surveillance cameras to avoid theft. Billions of bees are brought to California to pollinate entire valleys of almond trees. California is the world’s largest producer of almonds.

The start of ex-Peru president trial on massive Odebrecht corruption case

The former president of Peru Ollanta Humala stands trial for the massive Odebrecht corruption case. Three other ex-presidents of Peru have been involved in Latin America’s biggest corruption scandal.

91% of Portugal under severe or extreme drought

Almost the entire territory of Portugal will soon be under severe or extreme drought according to the weather forecast for the end of February.

A dozen indigenous women in Panama claim to be victims of forced sterilization

Prosecutors and human rights officials went to a region of Panama on February 21 to investigate claims from a dozen Indigenous women that they had been subjected to sterilization procedures without their consent.

Russia Minister of Finance wants people to pass a test before investing in cryptocurrency

The Minister of Finance of Russia proposed a law regulating cryptocurrency in the country. Investors would be clearly identified and would need to pass a test before investing. The Central Bank recommended in January to ban cryptocurrencies, which was dismissed by Vladimir Putin as blockchain technology can also appear as an economic opportunity.

Elected mayor of a Colombia town revoked during mandate

The elected mayor of Susa, a small town in Colombia, was revoked during her mandate in a recall referendum. It’s only the second time this process leads to a mayor’s dismissal in the country.

The controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Nile started generating power

Ethiopia’s dam on the Blue Nile was inaugurated on Sunday while Egypt still strongly disagrees with the project.

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