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Newsletter of February 8, 2022

Today’s newsletter covers fish invasion in Norway, gendered Japanese mascots, student turmoil between hijab and saffron scarf, Mexican energy reforms, failed logo redesign in Sweden, and more.

Fears of a pink salmon invasion in Norway in 2023

The population of pink salmon in Norway dramatically increased in past years. So much that there may be 10 times as many fish in 2023. Norway considers it an invasive species, it is yet a popular fish in the northern Pacific.

Nagasaki Prefecture mascots asked to be changed for gender equality

The two mascots of Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture would display gender discrimination. Yuru-chara, the Japanese term for promotional mascot characters, are very popular and common in the country. Ganba-kun, the team captain, is a boy and Ramba-chan, the vice-captain, is a girl.

In India, a dispute between students wearing hijab or a saffron scarf

Some hijab-wearing students want to be able to attend classes in junior colleges in the state of Karnataka. Other students show their disagreement by wearing saffron scarves, the color of the Hindu nationalist ruling party.

Proposed Mexican energy reforms power domestic debate and make the U.S. concerned

The president of Mexico wants a constitutional reform on electricity. The state-owned electric utility would control 56% of the power dispatch instead of 38% today. Private investors are concerned.

Swedish ice hockey team withdraws the redesign of a controversial logo

Frölunda Hockey Club, a professional ice hockey team in Sweden withdrew the redesigned logo two days after its public release because of plagiarism accusations, references to Nazism and threats to board members. The redesign was supposed to replace another controversial logo.

Some more news from the world

  • According to Bild, Vladimir Putin’s luxury yacht “Graceful” left the port of Hamburg, allegedly fearing the €87-million-boat ($98m) could be seized.
  • Australian Prime Minister on February 8 apologized to victims of sexual harassment, assault or bullying while working in federal parliament. Brittany Higgins alleged she was raped in Parliament House in 2019 and spoke out about the way her complaints were handled by the government afterward. An independent report shows one in three staff working across parliamentary offices had experienced sexual harassment.
  • The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) revealed that the country recorded the highest number of cholera cases in the world in 2021. Nigeria reported 111,062 cases of the disease, with 3,604 deaths.

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