• Newsletter of December 7, 2021

    Human trafficking in the Netherlands, seismic survey in South Africa, Russia-India military agreement, social media responsibility in Australia, and more.

  • Newsletter of December 3, 2021

    Today's newsletter covers a new political party for Bolsonaro, a Lebanese minister who quits to help France, beef export restrictions in Argentina, antivax campaign and KGB on Facebook, coffee price increase and more.

  • Newsletter of December 2, 2021

    Today's newsletter covers the Solomon Islands, the FARC in Colombia, a presidential veto in Portugal, methane emissions from coal mines in Australia, and more.

  • Newsletter of November 30, 2021

    Today's newsletter covers water shortage in Iran, Barbados, Portuguese youth, electricity saving time in Turkey, and more.

  • Newsletter of November 25, 2021

    Today's newsletter covers Norway and Hungary disagreements, India's fertility rate, the crisis in Lebanon hitting children hard, a deadly State in Mexico, and more

  • Newsletter of November 23, 2021

    Today's newsletter covers Jordan, Israel, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Lithuania, and more.