Newsletter of July 10, 2021

Ireland in U.S. Watch List for Human Trafficking

Ireland, Belarus and Romania are the only European countries that don’t meet “minimum requirements” or don’t make “necessary efforts” to stop human trafficking. Read More

High Demand of Nestlé Milk to Fight Covid in Indonesia

After videos spread the idea that Bear Brand, a milk produced by Nestlé, helps against Covid-19, the country has been running out of the product. In the meantime, Indonesia records its highest numbers of infections. Read More

Israeli Citizenship Law Extension Blocked for the First Time in 13 years

The amendment of the Citizenship law that bans Palestinians who marry Israelis to obtain legal status was not extended for the first time in 13 years. The vote turned into a motion of no confidence for the newly formed government. Read More

Belgium Medicine Exams: Half of Applicants From Abroad

The French-speaking part of Belgium registered a high increase of applicants for the entry exams in medical studies. Half of them are not Belgians. Read More

Uruguay Will Negotiate Without Mercosur

Uruguay decides to take its distance with Mercosur by negotiating directly with third countries, escalating the disagreement with Argentina over the strategy of common external tariffs. Read More

World Bank Withdraws Education Report on The Philippines for Now

The World Bank published a report that authorities considered to be insulting the Philippines. The organization momentarily withdrew it without refuting the conclusions. Read More

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