Australian parent considers changing name of former missing girl to protect her from unwanted attention

The mother and stepfather of Cleo Smith, an Australian girl who was found safe and sound after missing for two weeks, reportedly consider changing her name to protect her from unwanted attention. The case made global headlines and attracted a lot of media coverage.


The Daily Mail reports the mother and stepfather of Cleo Smith consider changing the name of the little girl to spare her from media attention as she grows old. Her name and face made global headlines as Australia was anxiously looking for her.

The 4-year-old girl disappeared from a campsite in Western Australia in October 2021.

She had woken up at 1.30 am and asked for water to her mother and stepfather but the girl was gone when the parents got up at 6 am.

Images of the blonde girl spread out globally as authorities carried out intensive air, land or maritime search to find the young girl. She went missing for 18 days but was eventually found safe and sound.

A police officer found the girl in a man’s house minutes away from her family home. As she looked familiar to the girl Australia was desperately searching for days, she told the officer her name was Cleo Smith and happily went back to her mother’s arms at last.

The alleged abductor is charged with offenses including forcibly taking a child aged under 16 is due to make his third appearance in court on January 24. He lived nearby Cleo Smith’s home but didn’t know them.

It’s unsure how the girl will recover from the experience and whether she would suffer from post-traumatic experience now or in the future. But the case brought global media attention and the name of their daughter will likely be associated with the story for years.

Concerned about how she would cope with the attention growing up, Cleo Smith’s mother is said to have sought advice from families in similar circumstances.

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