Please find some of the most common questions about Newsendip answered below. Don’t hesitate to read our About page, Legal notice, Privacy policy, and Terms and Conditions.

What is Newsendip?

Newsendip is a website of news and serendipity, the unexpected discovery, making world news more diverse and accessible. You can learn more about us here.

Is Newsendip a news aggregator?

No, the posts you can read on Newsendip are original content written by Newsendip or published with the help of newswire services. Newsendip SAS is officially recognized in France as a news company providing general news information for the public. It is not content scrapped and curated from other websites. But it has also developed a news aggregation tool for logged-in third-party users. See our plans here.

Can I read Newsendip content without having access to the tool?

Yes, definitely. Those are entirely independent. We use the tool internally and can give it access to others because we know how valuable it is. We share the technology to gain financial independence to finance our own journalism but Newsendip content and content retrieved with the curation are unrelated editorially and in different access plans.

What are the use cases for news monitoring?

There are plenty. We use it a lot internally to help us identify unique news stories that are not easily accessible to an international audience. It can be helpful for other media, communications agencies, marketing departments, sales persons to track brand reputation, news of a prospect, benchmark an industry, etc. Visit our offer page for more ideas.

I am a media company, can I get access to your tool?

Yes of course, as long as we are not direct competitors. The tool is adaptable to many themes and can serve many more needs than ours and our editorial policy. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

How many countries can I follow with the news monitoring tool?

You can follow news in at least 70 countries depending on your plan. There are also about 30 more countries for which following local news is possible but with some limitations. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions to see what we can do.

Do you scrap the content of my website?

No. We make requests to technologies that show us content based on the parameters the user queries.

Do you store content with the news tracking tool?

No, we only display the content the user requested. But it may happen in the future for performance and analytics purposes.

Do you track the requests and searches made in the tool?

For users of the curation tool, we don’t track requests you make. However, it is a possibility in the future if it can help provide better support for users and/or if a large volume of users can bring valuable insights into trends for following news.

Do you use data or an algorithm suggesting content?

No. Whether it is the news content written by Newsendip or the news curation tool, no content is shown based on data from your profile, your geographic location, your behavior on the site or outside, or your browser history. That’s one of the core benefits of the tool. For advertising, please visit our Privacy policy.

There has been a critical error on this website

This error occurs when the combination of the country and your chosen theme doesn’t exist. You can close the error message and try a different combination. You can contact us if you would like us to find alternative parameters.

The tool doesn’t show any results

Results depend on the news that occurs and is reported. The query may not find news related to your selected theme and country. It is more likely to happen with very niche topics. You can contact us if you want us to find alternative keywords.

How about the copyright and the terms and conditions of other websites?

We provide a solution that respects the business models of all parties involved in delivering our service. We only show the title of the page, the publisher, its publication date, and a link redirecting to the content. We feel it is enough to grasp what the story is about without appropriating its content so that we remain respectful of the website’s business model.

I have some ideas for improving your service

We have a full list of ideas to improve our services but we want to add them iteratively to be sure they’re useful to you. Let us know your idea, we’re really keen on receiving your feedback because it will help us prioritize changes to make.

I am interested in consulting services. Do you provide any?

Yes, we can. We can perform market studies, business intelligence and communications consulting services. We can also use the tool for you as part of our services. Send us an email in the contact form and we’ll gladly assist. Please note it is completely independent of the news content Newsendip writes on the website and its editorial policy.

Do you accept guest posts, sponsored posts, paid links or branded content?

Any news article written by Newsendip doesn’t include any sponsored links or content. It is entirely editorially free of business interests. Advertisers can run advertising banners or sponsor part of the content or section but won’t influence the content written. We have not ruled out the possibility of running guest posts but our readers will be clearly informed about the type of content they read. Please don’t reach out for opportunities involving the promotion of guns, violence, online casinos, gambling, drugs and pills, adult content or products or services legally restricted in many countries.

Can I write for Newsendip?

If you are a journalist and want to collaborate with us don’t hesite to contact us, yes.

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