Cocaine hidden in fruit juice seized in Hong Kong

Hong Kong authorities seized for $80 million worth of cocaine coming from Brazil. Hidden in frozen fruit juice, transportation and storage cost more than the product itself.

Barrels hiding drug in a container
Barrels hiding cocaine in a container coming from Brazil and seized in Hong Kong | © Hong Kong Police Force

On November 8, Hong Kong Police Force announced they seized for US $80 million worth of cocaine hidden in a shipment coming from Brazil.

The 610 kilograms (1,300 pounds) of drugs account for the second largest seizure of drugs in Hong Kong.

During a press conference, the police explained that the cocaine was hidden in barrels containing frozen fruit juice.

Traffickers had hidden packs of cocaine in the juice and then froze it all, which made it especially hard to detect.

But police was suspicious of the shipment because the transportation and storage costs exceeded the declared value of the product.

Moreover, the merchant reported there was no need to store the barrels in a refrigerated container upon arrival in Hong Kong.

It took two days for the police to break all the ice cubes and discover the drug.

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Hong Kong Police Force, Facebook, November 2021, Free access

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