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Newsletter of February 15, 2022

Today’s newsletter covers Mexican avocados, sensitivity of Ghanaian authorities for mentioning coups, water supply in the Czech Environment Ministry, adulterated cocaine in Argentina, and more.

The U.S banned imports of avocados from Mexico until further notice

One of the U.S. agents carrying out inspections in Michoacán received a threatening message. The state of Michoacán is the only one eligible for exporting avocados to the U.S. and is in the middle of drug cartel violence.

A civic leader in Ghana charged with treason felony for a Facebook post

Ghana authorities are on the alert against coup attempts. His arrest is the latest in a series of detentions against government critics.

Czech activists cut water supply of the Environment Ministry

Water supply of the building was shut for half an hour on February 14 as a group of activists protested against a financial agreement found between the Czech Republic and Poland on the Turów coal mine.

More than 100 intoxicated by adulterated cocaine in Buenos Aires

At least 24 people died in Buenos Aires because of adulterated cocaine that contained carfentanil, an opioid used to anesthetize elephants. Police seized 15,000 doses of the potentially adulterated product.

Some more news from the world

  • Five private universities in Nicaragua were brought under state control which critics perceive as the president’s latest move to tighten his power and crack down on one of the last pockets of contestation in the country.
  • New Zealand officially made conversion therapies illegal a few weeks after Canada.

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