Newsletter of September 14, 2021

A European Parliament Resolution Approves Same-sex Marriages

The resolution follows a European Court of Justice ruling from 2018. Poland, Hungary and Romania, the three E.U. member states where same-sex marriage is not legal may face sanctions from the European Commission. Read More

Fake Press Release about Walmart Gives Short Boost of Litecoin

A fake press release sent by a fraudulent account announced that Walmart would accept payments in the cryptocurrency Litecoin. Litecoin's value jumped by 30% in 15 minutes. Another example of the volatility of digital wallets. Read More

Singapore Government Wants to Break Down “Foreign Interference”

Singapore wants to block access to "foreign hostile content" and could implement restrictions such as removing access to apps or forbidding advertisement on publications. The country started working on the law shortly after tensions with Malaysia in 2019. Read More

The Russian Minister of Rescue Dies, Rescuing A Man

The Russian Minister of Emergency situations died during an official visit as he tried to save a film director who slipped off a cliff and fell into water. Read More

Has A Glass Bottle Caused An Entire Building To Burn in Milan?

The facade of a Milanese building burst into flames in few minutes and recalled the tragedy in London in 2017. The cause remains unknown and experts study whether a burning lens, e.g. a glass bottle left on a balcony, could explain how the fire started. Read More

Also in other news...

Joe Biden receives leaders of Japan, India and Australia to strengthen relations in the Indo-pacific region while China has more pressing territorial claims.

Evergrande, a giant Chinese real estate developer faces “unprecedented difficulties”. With a staggering debt and no liquidity to pursue construction, the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen saw a crowd of angry investors, homebuyers and suppliers demanding (re)payment. Growing concerns over Evergrande’s situation brought it into a vicious cycle as sales are on a declining trend since June, decreasing its cashflow. The group still needs to deliver more than 1 million new properties. It tries to sell some of its assets and engaged financial advisers to ease the liquidity issues and avoid defaulting.

Naftali Bennett, Prime Minister of Israel met the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Sharm el-Sheikh. Organized secretly, it is the first official meeting between the two countries in 10 years. At the time, Mubarak was still in power in Egypt.

Haim Geron, a former deputy director of Israel's Communication Ministry, died in a private plane crash in Greece with his wife. He was a witness in one of Netanyahu's trials for corruption.

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