Newsletter of January 14, 2022

Today's newsletter covers a compensation for Íngrid Betancourt's son, Ghana's tedious SIM registration process, Thailand tax on tourists, and more.

Sim cards
In Ghana, millions of people need to register their SIM cards again if they want to keep using their mobile phones | Illustration © PublicDomainPictures

The U.S. condemns the FARC to pay $36m for the kidnapping of Íngrid Betancourt

A United States Court sentenced the FARC to compensate the son of Íngrid Betancourt for the emotional distress caused by the kidnapping. The payment is not certain.

In Ghana, some call for a boycott of phone calls

Ghana launched a plan to better identify phone users and combat fraud. But people need to register their SIM cards again to keep using their phones, which can take hours.

Thailand plans to collect a new tax on international tourists from April

The tax would amount to 300 bath per person per stay in Thailand. The country hopes to collect at least 1.5 billion bath ($45 million) in 2022.

Nigeria removes a country ban on Twitter after 7 months of suspension

Twitter agreed to open an office locally. Nigeria's president banned Twitter over political resentment after it deleted one of his tweets.

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