Newsletter of January 20, 2022

Today’s newsletter covers a likely declaration of emergency in Lima, a wealth tax suggestion, a new theory on who betrayed Anne Frank, cryptocurrency in Singapore, bottles of wine in Russia, and more.

Anne Frank
A new book lays out a new theory about who betrayed Anne Frank’s hideout. But other experts remain skeptical | Undated photo, courtesy of Anne Frank House via Reuters

Peru is planning a state of emergency in Lima

The mayor of a district of Lima asked Congress to be able to declare a state of emergency to fight criminal activity. The Congress decided to extend the motion to Lima’s entire metropolitan area. The minister of Interior said the declaration was on its way and was “expecting it as soon as possible”. Peru is already under a health emergency.

102 millionaires ask leaders at the World Economic Forum to tax the rich

Some millionaires ask world leaders to create a wealth tax. A study estimates it could provide healthcare to 3.6 billion individuals, lift 70% of people below the poverty line and make enough Covid-19 vaccines for the world.

A new theory on who betrayed Anne Frank doesn’t convince everybody

Who gave Anne Frank’s hideout address to Nazis is a mistery. Extensive research with artificial intelligence involving new documents leads to a new suspect. But there is no “smoking gun” and some experts remain skeptical about the conclusions.

Singapore refuses public marketing campaigns promoting cryptocurrency trading

Singapore’s financial authority considers trading cryptocurrencies is “highly risky and not suitable for the general public”. Broadcast advertising, marketing in public spaces or social media influencers promoting cryptocurrency trading services are forbidden.

Millions of bottles of wine with a special sticker to avoid destruction in Russia

Last July, Russia passed a law impacting the labeling of alcohol on bottles of wine, forcing Moet Hennessy to pause exports for a moment. French Champagne became sparkling wine. Millions of bottles, bought and stored before the legislation passed, risked to be seized and destroyed.

Some more news from the world

  • Austria has announced on January 20 it makes Covid-19 vaccination mandatory. It will also spend up to €1.4 billion on a Covid-19 vaccination incentive program. A lottery will give 1.5 million vouchers worth €500 – 1 chance in 10 of winning – to new and already vaccinated people. Cities will be granted funds if they reach vaccination thresholds.
  • Prison managers don’t see any progress in Anders Behring Breivik and a psychiastrist thinks he is still as dangerous as when he committed terrorist attacks in Utøya in 2011. The Norwegian is seeking for parole.
  • The Covid-19 Green pass becomes required in barbershops, hair or beauty salons in Italy from January 20.
  • A cyberattack hit the Red Cross across 60 national offices on January 19, threatening personal information of 515,000 “highly vulnerable people”.
  • Senegal maritime customs announced on January 18 they seized for US$5 million-worth of war ammunition. The boat flew the Guyanese flag and stopped in the port of Dakar for refueling.

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