Argentine administration asked to work from home to avoid power outage

Argentina suffers from a heat wave increasing energy demand that resulted in a power outage in Buenos Aires.

Cactus in Salta, Argentina
Argentina suffers from a heat wave. The government asked administration and public entity employees to work from home | © Illustration, Salta, Argentina, Agustín Lautaro, 2015

Argentina’s government released a decree asking administration employees to work from home on January 13 afternoon and January 14. The country suffers from a heat wave and is afraid of a power outage.

The presidential decree, called “Remote work for energy saving” asked that employees from the state administration, public companies and entities work from home.

Some essential sectors like the army, security forces, healthcare workers or banking would still be present if their tasks cannot be performed from home.

On Tuesday, 700,00 people in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, didn’t have power for several hours. Temperatures soared above 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).

With the heat wave, Electricity distributors Edenor and Edesur both reported power outages as the high temperatures generated a spike in demand for energy to cool homes and businesses.

A power outage also affected the water purification system providing drinking water in Buenos Aires.

On Thursday and Friday, temperatures are expected to reach between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius. The heat wave is forecast to last until Sunday.

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