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In Indonesia, a Man Travels With a Veil and Wife’s PCR Test

According to CNN Indonesia, a man took an airplane with the negative PCR test of his wife and disguised with a veil. Caught up by officers after the plane landed, he got tested and was positive to Covid-19.

In Indonesia, a man fooled security checks with a veil, his wife's identity and PCR test
In Indonesia, a man fooled security checks with a veil, his wife’s identity and PCR test | Illustration. Ifik Ismoedjati, 2020

An airline passenger recently played with Indonesia’s health security protocols, CNN Indonesia reports in July 2021. He flew with his wife’s identity along with her PCR test to take a plane. He deceived security officers of Jakarta’s Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport as he was disguised as a woman by wearing a veil.

However, a flight attendant caught him taking off his veil and changing clothes in the airplane toilets during the flight. Once the plane landed at Ternate, an island in the north east of Indonesia, airport officers apprehended him and asked him to take an antigen test. The test was positive to Covid-19. The police will further investigate when the man finishes a period of isolation.

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