Moroccan King Instructed Affordable Tickets, Airline Complied

Moroccan King Mohammed VI asked all the transportation industry, and especially Royal Air Maroc, to allow affordable tickets for Moroccans living abroad willing to come back in the country this summer.

The royal demand comes as Morocco opens its borders again, notably to most European countries from June 15. Announced a few days earlier, the demand of the Moroccans, and the fare prices, instantly skyrocketed. Last year, the pandemic caused a 90% decline in the country’s tourism economy for the months of July and August.

As a consequence, on June 13, the King Mohammed VI instructed the aerial and maritime transportation industry, in particular Royal Air Maroc, to facilitate the come back within reasonable prices.

Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc will provide 3 million seats at a fixed and reduced price after instruction from the King Mohammed VI | Luc Legay

Summer touristic connections between Morocco and Spain cancelled

The next day, the airline company, property of the Moroccan government, announced it provided more than 3 million seats – 1.5 million for way and return – at reduced fixed prices. The rates can apply for international travels to Morocco that need to take place between June 15 and September 30.

The Moroccan King also asked the hotel and accommodation industry to take the necessary precautions to welcome the Moroccans living abroad “with the best conditions and prices“.

Similar to last year, Morocco decided to suspend touristic maritime collaboration with Spain, forcing about 3 million travellers to depart from France or Italy instead of the southern Spanish city of Algerisas. The cancellation of Operation Marhaba 2021 leads to increased costs and travel time, 1 hour from the port of Algerisas compared to 36 hours from Sète in the south of France. Causing economic losses for Spain as well, the decision comes at a time of high diplomatic tensions between the two Mediterranean kingdoms.

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