Newsletter of Oct 1, 2021

Ethiopia expels 7 UN humanitarian aid officials for “meddling in internal affairs

Few days earlier, the United Nations aid chief asked the government of Ethiopia to stop blocking trucks from delivering aid to the Tigray region stuck in a conflict with 1.7 million people facing food insecurity. Read More

Ecuador declares another state of exception after deadly prison riots

Another riot in a prison detaining drug traffickers killed at least 116 inmates. Drug gangs fight for the leadership of the cocaine market, and drones are now even used to attack prisons. Read more

Police getting prepared for restoring calm inside the prison of Penitenciaría del Litoral

The most popular Korean Netflix show discloses a real phone number

A real phone number appeared on the Squid game, one of the most popular Netflix shows. It is owned by an individual who constantly receives phone calls. A peculiar South Korean politician proposes to buy it for $85,000. Read More

A real Korean phone number handed out on business cards in Squid game, one of the most popular Netflix TV shows

The U.S. declares 23 species extinct

Among them: the ivory-billed woodpeckernot seen since 1944, eight birds and a plant from Hawaii, several species of freshwater mussels or mollusks, and two types of fish.

Manny Pacquiao retires from boxing for a fight in presidential elections

Manny Pacquaio, the Philippine boxer and senator, announced on Facebook the end of his boxing career. He will run for the presidential elections in 2022. Rodrigo Duterte, the current president, cannot be reelected as Philippine presidents can only be elected for a single six-year term. He considers retiring but may also run for vice president with her daughter as the main ticket. They have already switched positions of mayor and vice mayor in Davao city before.

They took the wrong route and lost a marathon

Two Kenyans lost the Quad-city marathon in the United States after taking the wrong direction, the local paper reported. They followed a race volunteer cyclist who went off tracks and “messed up royally“. An American won the race, a first since 2001. The two Kenyans got disqualified, the race says it considers finding a way to compensate both runners as they use this money to support their family. The first prize money was US $3,000.

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