Newsletter of Sep 22, 2021

In the Netherlands, skin color can be a reason for an immigration control

In its ruling, the Court of Justice sees no reason for a general ban of the use of ethnicity for immigration control. For Amnesty International, the decision “throws international human rights law out of the window“. Read More

Swedish government bypasses justice decision to avoid cement shortage

The government justifies it by reducing the societal consequences caused by a forthcoming halt of the cement production in the country. Read More

After pineapples, China bans other fruits from Taiwan

Beijing explains they detected pests in fruits coming from Taiwan. But does the decision hide political motives? The dispute may be settled by the World Trade Organization. Read More

In Bolivia, a woman finds a finger in her burger

A woman in Bolivia was eating her burger when she found a finger in it. A man lost two fingers in a meat grinder. The other one is still missing. The authorities launched an investigation. Read More

A European parliament resolution approves same-sex marriages

The resolution follows a European Court of Justice ruling. The European Commission should take enforcement actions against Poland, Hungary and Romania, the three E.U. member states where same-sex marriage isn’t legal yet. Read More

The AUKUS submarine deal: what is means for each country

Since 2016, Australia has already spent US $1.7 billion for designing the submarines. Clauses for breaking the contract with France included a €90 billion compensation, ABC revealed in 2019. Read More


Convicted for drug trafficking by France and the Netherlands, Suriname Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk played a football (soccer) game in the CONCACAF Champions League, the international club competition of Northern and Central America. He owns the team Inter Moengotapoe. They played against the CD Olimpia from Honduras in the stadium that bears his own name. They lost 6-0.

At the United Nations assembly, the United States pledged to double their climate change aid to developing countries. China promised to stop funding coal mining projects overseas. Read More on Straits Times

A high-ranking officer of the Indonesian Police, found guilty in a corruption scandal, has also reportedly persecuted a suspect in a case of blasphemy. His name is Napoleon Bonaparte. Read More on Berita Satu

The Hotel Rwanda hero, Paul Rusesabagina, portrayed to have saved 1,000 people during 1994’s genocide has been convicted of 20 years of prison for terrorism. Having left Rwanda in 1996 and now resident of the United States, he was the leader of an opposition coalition against Kagame’s regime. Its armed wing was accused of terrorist attacks in 2018. Read More on the BBC

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