Peru migration office apologizes for glitch in issuing passports

Dozens of Peruvians have been unable to travel because they didn’t receive their passport on time due to a technical issue from the migration office.

People at the Jorge Chávez airport in Peru waiting unable to get their passports for traveling
People at the Jorge Chávez airport in Peru waiting unable to get their passports for traveling | Twitter

Several travelers complained on Sunday night that they have been unable to leave the country because the migration office wasn’t able to deliver their passports on time before the plane takes off.

Interior Ministry’s National Superintendency of Migrations released a note on April 11 apologizing for the incidents and the trouble that occurred at the Jorge Chávez international airport.

The issue at Lima’s airport comes as the Holy Week celebrations for Easter have just started. This is one of the most important, if not the most, holidays in Peru and the opportunity for many to travel across and outside the country.

In Peru, citizens can get their passports the same day as they give their biometrics and ID documents. They can also receive their passport directly at the Jorge Chávez international airport if their flight takes off within the next 24 hours.

But a technical issue prevented the printing of passports due to an overload of requests, mostly affecting travelers waiting for the document to fly outside the country.

It later informed on Monday that the technical glitch was fixed, allowing to print 16,000 passports with a further 80,000 passports to be issued by the end of the month. On Tuesday, it said it would make sure to receive in their offices anyone who has travel arrangements within the next 48 hours. The airport’s migration office is open 24/7.

The office noted that it would deliver 700,000 passports by July 2022.

The migration superintendent justified the technical issue with obsolete technology and asked the Ministry of Economy and Finance to receive funds to upgrade the system.

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