World news letter – November 11, 2022

This newsletter covers the price of pints in Ireland, ‘good character’ requirements in Ghana, victims of sexual harassement in the Netherlands, free parking space in the Philippines, and more.

In Ireland, Heineken increases wholesale prices of draft beers for pub owners

Heineken Ireland will sell kegs of draft beers at a substantially higher price starting December, which could lead to an price increase of about 25 cents per pint for the customer.

Ghana law student on hold to become a lawyer. Her YouTube channel doesn’t please everyone

YouTuber and Ghanaian law student Elorm Ababio is on hold to become a lawyer after a petition filed against her because of the videos she shares online. She shares videos on YouTube about her life, her opinions, about sex, about her days as an openly bisexual woman in Ghana, a country where a bill aims at criminalizing with prison terms LGBTQ+ people more severely than they currently are.

Mexico richest man Carlos Slim foresees a “buoyant Mexico” in the future

Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest man, gave a speech in which he shared his optimism, foreseeing a ‘buoyant Mexico‘ with the opportunity to attract industries relocating to Mexico from China.

How Australia Police hope to solve a murder from 1982 with new sketch made from suspect’s DNA

In Australia, the police of Queensland launched a new appeal for information about a cold case from 1982 with the help of DNA phenotyping that produced a digital facial image of the suspect. A DNA profile has already been generated but it doesn’t match any person currently recorded on national and international law enforcement DNA databases. Investigators now hope digital facial image created from a technology called DNA phenotyping can help.

One in 3 girls aged 15 to 17 has faced sexual harassment or sexual violence in the Netherlands

A report shows that 38 percent of girls and 13 percent of boys between 15 and 17 years old have experienced some forms of sexual violence or sexual harassment in the Netherlands. Many become victims again within five years.

A bill to offer free parking space to store customers despite traffic congestion in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a politician submitted a bill to offer free parking space to store customers considering it is basic amenity. While urban areas of the Philippines have serious issues with traffic congestion, several lawmakers have been trying to push laws related to parking space.

Elected French-Romanian politician in Bucharest accused of conflict of interest for a project against corruption

Clotilde Armand, mayor of a sector in Bucharest municipality, is suspected by the National Integrity Agency of conflict of interest for having appointed herself manager of, and receiving compensation for, a project funded by the European Union meant to reduce corruption.

Somewhere else in the world:

  • Colombia President Gustavo Petro wasn’t at the official photo shoot of the COP27 ceremony. He was busy preparing his speech.
  • The president of Kenya said the country will be the largest producer of Africa’s cheapest mobile phone in a year.
  • Norwegian TV decided not to show the traditional promotional videos from the host country before matches of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar to avoid showing only the good part of the country.
  • Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter published a report about better care in Sweden in order to reduce trauma in women’s pelvic floor after childbirth.
  • In Ireland, 90 percent of people who suffer from long COVID-19 has not yet recovered.
  • Morocco hopes to double the number of British tourists travelling to the kingdom by 2027.

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