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World news letter – November 4, 2022

This newsletter covers the sale of cigarettes in the Netherlands, corporate tax in Australia, child pornography in Greece, and more.

Dutch Court orders to act against the sale of filter cigarettes in the Netherlands

A Court in Rotterdam ruled that the Netherlands has six weeks to act against the sale of filter cigarettes. It considers the way harmful substances inhaled by smokers are measured in the European Union cannot guarantee it complies with the maximum levels allowed.

Corporate tax of large companies grew 20% in Australia even though 1 in 3 doesn’t pay any

The largest companies operating in Australia have paid 20 percent more corporate tax combined in a year. The country has been investing in combating tax avoidance by large corporate entities. It created a Tax Avoidance Taskforce few years ago and the government announced further funding the next four years.

Award-winning Greek author of children’s books arrested by Police for videos of child pornography

Award-winning children’s book author Vassilis Papatheodorou has been arrested by police for online child pornography. The author through his lawyer claims the videos he downloaded were meant for a book project on the matter.

Mexico Supreme Court to decide on prohibiting Christian nativity scene in a public building

The Supreme Court of Mexico may decide on forbidding displays of a Christian nativity scene in a public building. The Church, fearing it would make a precedent in the country, urges not to ban the manifestation of religious symbols in public spaces.

The Supreme Court of India again calls to stop so-called virginity tests in sexual assault and rape cases

The Supreme Court of India directed authorities to make sure so-called virginity tests, or “two-finger testing”, are banned in cases alleging rape and sexual assault. It also noted that suggesting a sexually active woman cannot be raped is “patriarchal and sexist.”

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