Newsletter of January 21, 2022

Today’s newsletter covers marijuana in Thailand, fur farming in Latvia, public holidays in Ireland, backpackers in Australia, and more.

Marijuana cannabis therapeutic Thailand
Thailand will remove marijuana from the list of narcotics opening the door for therapeutic use and homegrown plants | © Julia Teichmann

Thailand removes marijuana from the list of narcotics and clears up confusions

Thailand approved cannabis as a therapeutic use last December. But marijuana was still considered as a narcotic. The move will also let Thai households grow their own weed.

The parliament of Latvia supports the concept of banning fur farms

The parliament of Latvia is open to ban fur farming as 63% of the population disapprove this industry. As thousands of minks were culled because of Covid-19 infections in farms, several European countries has been banning fur farming or reducing the transition period.

St Brigid’s Day: Ireland’s new public holiday. The 1st named after a woman

The day also celebrates a traditional Celtic festival. Brigid is associated with fertility, protection and healing. She was also able to turn water into beer. At the same time, Ireland declared a once-off public holiday in 2022 because of the Covid-19, before the pandemic is over.

Australian parent considers changing the name of their former missing girl

Cleo Smith, a four-year-old Australian girl was found safe and sound after missing for two weeks. As her story, face and name made global headlines, her mother and stepfather reportedly consider changing her name to protect her.

Backpackers to the rescue of Australia’s workforce

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison waived the visa application fee for backpackers and international students who come to the country within the next 12 weeks. He urged them to apply for jobs as the country is lacking human resources.

Some more news from the world

  • Netflix‘s share plummeted by 20% as the company results reported a slowdown in subscriber growth.
  • The Constitutional Court of Colombia annulled on January 19 an agency decision that allowed eradicating illicit crops by fumigating glyphosate. The agency didn’t consult local communities affected by the chemical.
  • The president of Peru Pedro Castillo signed on January 20 a decree declaring climate change an emergency of national interest.
  • Liberia declared 3 days of national mourning on January 20 after at least 29 people died at an open-air church service in Monrovia, the capital city.

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