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Ireland plans to compensate families of healthcare workers who died of COVID

Ireland Health Ministry plans to compensate families of healthcare workers who died of COVID-19, the Irish Times and the Independent reported on March 8.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly is expected to bring a memo to Cabinet members on Tuesday that will seek to compensate more than 20 families of healthcare workers who died from COVID-19 after they were infected at their workplace during the pandemic.

The compensation would amount to a one-off of 100,000 euros (US$108,000) regardless of the worker’s pay or position.

Most deaths occurred during the first phase of the pandemic, when essential workers were at the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 but little was known about the infection and vaccines were not available, yet.

More than 40,000 healthcare workers were diagnosed with COVID-19 in Ireland so far.

A similar scheme has been introduced in Britain. British families receive 60,000 pounds ($79,000).

Earlier this year, Ireland announced a once-off tax-free 1,000 euros payment to all 100,000 public healthcare workers in “recognition of their work in dangerous and challenging conditions during the pandemic, and for the thousands of lives saved as a result of their efforts”.

Ireland also set a new public holiday for remembering the COVID-19 pandemic and recognizing the work of healthcare workers.

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