Tense moment with a TV Chilean reporter in Kiev

A shot toward Chilean reporter Jorge Said was heard during a live TV program. He later explained Ukrainian military has become nervous about people carrying mobile phones.

Jorge Said live reporting in Kiev
Jorge Said live reporting in Kiev for Canal 13 on March 2

A Chilean reporter lived a tense moment on March 2 during a live TV morning show as the military seemed to have shot in his direction.

Ukrainian military became more nervous and suspicious of people who could send information to the Russian military according to Jorge Said.

Jorge Said is a Chilean-American reporter and producer. He has been reporting the situation in Kyiv for Canal 13 in Chile.

In the TV morning program Tu Día, Jorge Said was walking in an empty street of Kiev when he encountered nervous military. “Here comes the military, they are very aggressive,” he told TV hosts in Chile.

But Jorge Said, an experienced war correspondent, stops talking to his colleagues as he starts dialoguing with troops who are not visible on the reporter’s video shot from his mobile in selfie mode. “Please wait for me a little. They are pointing at me”.

While Jorge Said walks back and starts talking to the camera, a gunshot in the air seemingly towards the journalist can be heard.

Being put off air, TV hosts in Chile reassured viewers Jorge Said was not hurt, and that he had shown his press credentials several times before being authorized to the zone guarded by Ukrainian military. He was dressed as a casual civilian.

He later said the shot went into the air and that he was ok. “The military are very nervous today with journalists. They stop everyone who walks with a cell phone, but don’t worry, I’m fine and nothing happened to me. The shot went into the air”. He also added that he “surely did not understand the instruction. They did not tell me to leave, but to go to ground”.

The reporter explains that Ukrainian military has become more suspicious of the press as “they say people claim to be journalists with their phones but mark territories and send military information”.

And he concluded that “seriously, nothing happened to me. The military was very kind and showed me all installations that they are defending”.

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