World news digest

World news digest of January 27, 2022

Some news around the world that didn’t make global headlines, in short:

  • Norway’s offshore wind farm projects are paralyzed because the government cannot decide on investing to make profits by exporting electricity or avoid Norwegians to pay for the investment.
  • Australia has offered to export more liquefied natural gas to Europe in light of Ukraine tensions.
  • Boris Johnson was accused of prioritizing rescuing some animals and pets from Afghanistan over people. The British Premier dismissed the allegations as “complete nonsense”. But emails suggest he did personally authorize rescue efforts for pets and animals.
  • After riots on July 11, Cuba indicted 790 people for acts of vandalism, including 115 minor Cubans between 16 and 18 years old, the Office of the Attorney General admitted on January 24. For months, the country denied having jailed anyone.
  • Four people – a man, a woman, a teenage boy and an infant – were found dead near the Canada-U.S. border last week. Autopsies and identification have only have begun on January 26 as bodies were too much frozen.
  • Peru‘s Council of Ministers agreed on January 26 to declare of a state of emergency in Lima. Military forces will help police counter the rise of assaults, robberies and contract killings.
  • Moroccan tourism agencies protested on Wednesday for the second time this year against the country’s closed borders.
  • The United Arab Emirates asked more support from the United States to intercept missiles from the Houthi rebels.

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