World news digest

World news digest of February 16, 2022

Some news around the world, in short:

  • Thailand wants to rename Bangkok on official documents by Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
  • Russian Ambassador to Ireland says Ukraine invasion would be “insane“. “Within maybe three to four weeks, the configuration of the forces in the Western region of Russia will resume its normal standard posture. Exercises will be over by February 20 and these troops will be withdrawn“, he told RTE.
  • The European Court of Justice dismissed the requests by Hungary and Poland to annul the validity of European Union laws precedence over national regulation. According to the president of the European Parliament, it now expects the European Commission to adapt the provision of EU funds according to the respect of the rule of law.
  • Almost 300 Airbus employees in France who lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic will receive 3.7 million euros in European Union aid, approximately 12,500 euros per person. Airbus will provide 700,000 euros.
  • Shein, the Chinese fashion firm, will make a Singapore firm its de facto holding company. China recently imposed stricter company checks for organizations that aim to go public abroad.
  • Ukraine’s defense ministry says an unprecedented cyber attack is on its second day, targeting its online network and that of two banks.
  • On Mexico’s southern border, a dozen undocumented migrants sewed their mouths shut in a desperate attempt to convince the country’s immigration agency to open access to the U.S. border.

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