World news digest

World news digest of February 17, 2022

Some news around the world, in short:

  • France officially announced the withdrawal of its troops from Mali. They should leave within the next four to six months
  • Lieutenant-colonel Damiba was invested president of Burkina Faso yesterday, few weeks after the coup.
  • Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto insinuated that DRC Congo had singers but no cows to make dairy products. It created an uproar in Congo. In a statement, Ruto said: “I regret any misunderstanding that may have arisen on account of my speech, and take this opportunity to assure the government and the people of DRC of my profound admiration and high regard“.
  • Visa and announced an agreement that allows customers to use Visa cards on Amazon sites without additional fees solving tensions between the two organizations. In Australia and Singapore, Amazon started to surcharge transactions by Visa card by 0.5% last year. In the UK, Visa card options were turned off. Amazon considered Visa charged high fees for processing credit card transactions.
  • The president of Singapore delayed the execution by hanging of two men sentenced to death. Convicted for drug trafficking and incarcerated for 12 years, they are believed to be mentally disabled. The United Nations Human Rights office on Tuesday urged Singapore to halt their executions. Similarly, a man believed to be mentally disabled was supposed to be hanged last November but his appeal will be heard in March. The last execution in Singapore was in November 2019.
  • Australia plans to add the entirety of the Palestinian group Hamas to its list of outlawed terrorist organizations.
  • A man in Vietnam died after a landing mine exploded. There wasn’t a similar casualty because of the war against the United States for the last five years.

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