Newsletter of February 17, 2022

Today’s newsletter covers a referendum in Italy, Thailand’s capital city name, a joint venture supporting Myanmar’s military junta, presidential elections with a surge of COVID-19 infections, and more.

Italy will organize a referendum on 5 laws on justice

The Constitutional Court of Italy accepted 5 out of 8 referendum requests. Italians will decide on softening preventive detention and the abrogation of automatic ineligibility of convicted elected officials. The Court dismissed referendum requests for the decriminalization of cannabis and euthanasia because of loose formulations.

Thailand wants to add another name for Bangkok on official documents

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, may soon have another name for official documents: Krung Thep Maha Nakorn. It’s the name of the city in Thai. But Bangkok would still be used. The announcement created some confusion and overreaction to a nomenclature update.

The Japanese brewer Kirin decides to withdraw from Myanmar

Kirin Holdings was unhappy with last year’s military coup in Myanmar. The board eventually decided to withdraw from a joint venture by June. They shared it with a conglomerate affiliated to the military.

South Koreans infected with COVID-19 with a dedicated time to vote in presidential elections

South Koreans infected with COVID-19 will most probably have a dedicated hour at polling stations to vote at the presidential elections in March.

Some more news from the world

  • Almost 300 Airbus employees in France who lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic will receive 3.7 million euros in European Union aid, approximately 12,500 euros per person. Airbus will provide 700,000 euros.
  • New Zealand officially made conversion therapies illegal a few weeks after Canada.
  • On Mexico’s southern border, a dozen undocumented migrants sewed their mouths shut in a desperate attempt to convince the country’s immigration agency to open access to the U.S. border.
  • Lieutenant-colonel Damiba was invested president of Burkina Faso on Wednesday, a few weeks after the coup in the country.
  • Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto insinuated that DRC Congo had singers but no cows to make dairy products. It created an uproar in Congo. In a statement, Ruto said: “I regret any misunderstanding that may have arisen on account of my speech, and take this opportunity to assure the government and the people of DRC of my profound admiration and high regard“.

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