World news digest

World news digest of January 25, 2022

Some news around the globe that didn’t make all world headlines, in short:

  • Australian Prime Minister’s WeChat account was bought and renamed by a Chinese company.
  • The Supreme Court of India is concerned about “irrationalfreebies politicians give to potential voters ahead of elections
  • In an attempt to curve corruption in the country, South Africa reviews public procurement contracts made in response to the Covid-19. More than half contain irregularities.
  • Indonesia started the construction of a $3.1 billion coal gasification plant to cut LPG imports.
  • Nigeria suspended on January 24 the removal of a subsidy on fuel ahead of labor protests on Thursday.
  • Botswana Supreme Court annulled a decision that forbid a company to produce therapeutic cannabis.
  • Postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Argentina‘s 2020 Census will take place on May 18. It becomes a public holiday to allow for face-to-face interviews, although the 56 questions can be answered digitally.
  • France highest justice court temporarily suspended a ban on sale of CBD hemp flowers implemented on December 30.
  • A French tourist was sentenced to 8 years of prison in Iran for espionage. He flew a drone and took pictures in a natural park near the border between Iran and Tajikistan. His lawyer plans to appeal the decision.
  • Burkina Faso‘s military dissolved the Assembly, and ousted the president from office.

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