Newsletter of January 25, 2022

Today’s newsletter covers homelessness, and salary increases in Brazil, milk shortage in Cuba, international tourism’s revenue, Spanish homes and more.

Homeless population grew by more than 30% in São Paulo in 2 years

Concerned by the impact of the pandemic, the city of São Paulo anticipated a census on homelessness. There are three times as many homeless people in 2021 as twenty years ago. Some say figures underestimate the reality.

Cuba is short of baby milk powder and coffee

Cuba is facing difficulties to provide powdered milk for children under 7 years as its milk production doesn’t meet domestic demand and it doesn’t have enough money to import milk.

Bolsonaro holds off a pay raise for police officers, for now

Brazil’s police officers are a solid group of Bolsonaro supporters. Ahead of 2022 presidential elections, he made no mystery he wanted some categories of police officers to have a salary increase. His intent raised protests from other public sector employees. The federal budget he signed on for 2022 still provisions for it.

International tourism not much better-off in 2021 despite a 19% revenue growth

International tourism revenue grew by 19% in 2021 as tourists spent more and stayed longer than in 2020. But the industry doesn’t expect a return to pre-pandemic levels before 2024. Six months ago, the industry thought global tourism would recover by 2023.

Young Spanish get money to leave their parents

Spain decided to help its youth leave the parents’ house with subsidies that can go up to 75% of the rent. One can also receive financial aid by buying a home in small Spanish towns.

Some more news from the world

  • Indonesia started the construction of a $3.1 billion coal gasification plant to cut LPG imports.
  • Nigeria suspended the removal of a subsidy on fuel on January 24 ahead of labor protests on Thursday.
  • Botswana Supreme Court annulled a decision that forbid a company to produce therapeutic cannabis.
  • Postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Argentina‘s 2020 Census will take place on May 18. It becomes a public holiday to allow for face-to-face interviews, although the 56 questions can be answered digitally.
  • France highest justice court temporarily suspended a ban on sale of CBD hemp flowers implemented on December 30.
  • Since October when a confinement has been in place for poultry farms, more than 1.1 million animals have been culled in the Netherlands because of the bird flu.
  • A cruise ship from Crystal Symphony was supposed to dock in Miami. But it instead sailed to the Bahamas to avoid US justice. A judge granted an order to seize the vessel as part of a lawsuit over US$4 million in unpaid fuel.
  • Terence Darrell Kelly pleaded guilty to the kidnapping of four-year-old Cleo Smith. The Australian girl was missing for two weeks as the whole country was looking for her.

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