World news digest

World news digest of January 24, 2022

Some news from around the world, in short:

  • Bolsonaro eventually decided to suspend the salary increase he promised to police in 2022, but only for now.
  • São Paulo had at least 31% more homeless people in the course of two years.
  • Cuba is suffering from a shortage of powdered milk for children and coffee.
  • More than 200,00 chicks have been culled in the Netherlands because of the bird flu. Since October when a confinement for poultry has been in place, more than 1.1 million animals have been culled in the country.
  • A cruise ship from Crystal Symphony was supposed to dock in Miami. But it instead sailed to the Bahamas to avoid US justice. A judge granted an order to seize the vessel as part of a lawsuit over US$4 million in unpaid fuel.
  • The United States asked diplomats’ family members in Ukraine to leave the country. The European Union didn’t.
  • The United Arab Emirates said it shot down two ballistic missiles from Yemen’s Houti rebels, a week after their terrorist attack hit Dubai.
  • Terence Darrell Kelly pleaded guilty to the kidnapping of four-year-old Cleo Smith. The Australian girl was missing for two weeks as the whole country was looking for her.
  • The fashion brand Hermes filed a lawsuit against an American artist who depicts and transforms digital Birkin bags. As he sells his work via non-fungible tokens the company claims he makes profits off a trademark. The artist justifies and compares its work with the work of Andy Warhol with Campbell Soups.
  • South Africa received a US$750m loan for Covid-19 response from the World Bank, reportedly the first financial support from the institution since the country’s democratic transition.

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